I found my first camera tucked away in the archives of my grandfather's garage. Being raised between southern Italy and central Canada, photographs were my way of staying close to the ones I love. 

In my mid-twenties I moved to London, where I met countless new friends (who became family) - creatives, disruptors, and kooky people all around, who, through their own liberties inspired me to pick up a new camera after many years of shooting film at parties and during my travels. 

My work is fueled by self discovery. It aspires to evoke emotion; to think of that lost love, a passionate evening, a night out with friends, a trip you’ll never forget. Not to reminisce, as much as to dream, to fantasize even. My hope is for my art to inspire freedom, desire, experimentation, courage, resilience, and most of all unity. 



Namorada kid photo