Every room needs art, especially the playroom. Our kids collection features art that is perfect for a toy room, kids bedroom or bathroom alike. This collection was photographed at an estate in the English countryside, featuring our models; cat, giraffe, frog, baby sloth, big sloth, bunny, the goat, and Mr. Elephant. 

20% of proceeds from our Kids Collection goes to The Toy Project. The Toy Project is an organization in London, United Kingdom that works to ensure that everyone has access to play and achieves this through the recycling of toys. Committed to ensuring that everyone can access the developmental, social, emotional, and educational benefits of play, The Toy Project provides toys directly to vulnerable families and children living in difficult situations, as well as to organizations such as schools, hospitals and community spaces. They also host a range of play-based activities at The Playroom, a dedicated play space designed to bring people together through play. All of the activities here are free of charge, supported through donations, sponsorships and the money raised in The Toy Project’s used toy shop.