Reggie and I met three years ago at a life drawing class in south east London. A friend of mine invited me to attend the class, neither of us particularly talented at drawing, let alone the nude. Upon arrival, we picked up our materials (paper, pencils, erasers), like kids entering a kindergarten classroom - glassy eyed at what we were about to experience. At the bar downstairs, we picked a bottle of red to share, hoping it would invoke our creative juices. For two hours, we drew, under the instruction of a tutor, who had the model change her pose every 10-15 minutes. At the end of class, each artist placed their works on a large Bokhara rug in the center of the room for everyone to appreciate. Of the 50 works on the floor, my eyes gravitated to one piece in particular. Upon learning who the artist was, my friend decided she would play a mix of auctioneer and high stakes negotiator - pacing the brick-walled room back and forth between myself and the artist. Finally, she settled on a price. I walked over to the artist, introduced myself, and praised her work. Over the years we have kept in touch, sharing and discussing each other's works.

I am incredibly drawn to mixed medium art and before photographing her, I had the idea to collaborate with Reggie on this collection. Our collaboration was curated over lunch at Duck Soup (a must, in London) and many phone calls between Edinburgh and London. 

Reggie Baxter is a figurative/portrait/mixed media artist currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Reggie explores the use of different mediums and subjects, whilst taking inspiration from established artists from the past and present. After many years of using both the classical and contemporary forms of art, she has evolved into being a figurative and portrait artist using styles of her own.

Her work prioritizes aesthetic concepts, perception and design. The human form, which is represented in a range of elements (shape, colour, line and the use of space) conveys and captures moments in time as much as emotion. She seeks to represent the beauty of a figure that does not separate the sensual and beautiful from the mystical, still delicate in its execution. 


This collection has been featured in the Edinburgh Art Fair, November 2023.